Career / Brigade

Looking for time saving přivydělání or brigade? Then you've come to the right, in our company we work always enough, and if you are in any field of sufficiently trained for free in the work we provide training!

Brigade: Graphic design (web design)

We are looking for one or two web designers who already have at least a few references in the field. It is two to four approved graphic designs weekly. Necessity is the ability to work with some of the advanced graphic editors, preferably Adobe Photoshop, and the ability to shoot as business customers or to new sites to get content corresponding images freely available for commercial use. And if you want the industry to educate and gain new experiences, will provide free hands-on training! The advantage of a business license, if you have it, however, do not worry, the work can be handled by contract and the Agreement on work performance.

Brigade: Administrative and technical assistant

We are looking for one employee to the position of administrative and technical assistance. In particular, the mechanical loading of finished texts and images generated pages. It is a simple operation paid 2 EUR per hour and can carry it to anyone who can work with your computer as normal user informed. Useful for young students, secondary school pupils or parents to parent. The work is difficult and time is needed every few weeks to a month. It is a shock brigade in the best agreement for work.