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Web Site

Web site is the question. Every company must have a current high-quality websites, in order to come closer to its customers with visibility to new customers and sell more of their goods. Web site helps individuals to say aloud their opinions, promote their creation, organizing petitions or auction, to generate new contacts. Therefore, there is a firm Xerno.cz that you arrange a web site tailored to your specific needs.

However, you can be sure that there will always be a modern, interactive and sufficiently serious. Good websites are the foundation of business and personal activities on the web.

We provide a wide range of services, involving the participation of the best experts in the field, so we can make a site tailored to your needs. There are no limits for us! No web site can not be too complicated to be feasible. Before ordering the services we prefer a personal meeting in order to correctly understand your plan and then implement it. Contact Us!


A frequent query and problem number one position in search engines. This field is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and is one of the most important part of web pages. It is a science that aims to bring the site as many visitors, and is today very desired. Good positions in search engines is achieved only by working together, quality and rich content sites. Our company provides SEO advice according to the price list, or ordered over 600 EUR - FREE! We can also arrange a complete and very detailed analysis of your sites optimization, along with the site can also be adjusted to optimum shape. Just do not let anyone "pull the nose" in good SEO is primarily about writing correct title and enough unique content (text). More on this field will read the section in SEO (search engine optimization).


Each, as well prosperous company advertising needs! Branch SEM is quite similar to SEO, or has the same task: Bring on the website more visitors. The difference between them is in the process, while SEO focuses on the source code and content, SEM focuses on the OFFpage factors. Not for nothing is an abbreviation Search Engine Marketing - the promotion of particular sites through search engines. OFFpage factors are those which can not produce the site to achieve, it is for example the number of links, called PageRank, or PPC campaigns such as Google AdWords. These are ads that appear on different pages or search results, and for each click on your link is set true, the result of quite insignificant amount. Sponsored links on Google, List, or other search engines and advertising directly on sites are very good, yet inexpensive means of promotion.

Another way to stand out on the internet, registration in catalogs, which will ensure high quality and valuable link to your website. Also, our company provides services in the promotion and management, and employ workers with experience in particular with PPC campaigns to help you make that potential customers will see a link to your site when searching for the right keywords. Advertising on the network is now more important than in print or through posters and billboards.


This is a discipline without which the creation of web pages can not do and where he comes on the scene especially stylistically gifted individuals. Copywriter has the task to create such a text that interested visitors and lead them to the desired goal - the reason the site came from, whether it is to obtain information, purchase a product or contacting another person. Copywriter has perfect command of the language in which this activity must have a large vocabulary and the ability to correctly identify the keywords of the document. Also, the services we provide! There is nothing simpler than the instructions we enter what your company does and what information would certainly have cover page. Our copywriter is transformed into a stylistically interesting and commercially successful original texts enabling the visitors to your web site will come back.


A secondary requirement of a good website is original and fresh graphics that clearly your site to life. The official name of the field that deals with website graphics, sounds webdesign. In this field, unfortunately, there are limits, because of the constant presence and the presence of obsolete and unsuitable Internet Explorer browser. No pages are not without special optimization GUI for this browser, so it is nowadays becoming a frontier for designers and HTML coders nightmare. For this study we have a very experienced programmer who craziest graphics and achievements can optimize it for each browser on the market - Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari and any minority and mobile browsers.

Optimizing web pages for web browsers

Different web browsers differ mostly behavior, appearance and operation are due to getting a higher number of users most similar and simple. Among the fastest browsers include Opera and Google Chrome, as well as the most widely used - Mozilla Firefox. Alternative workshops from Apple called Safari. All these browsers can boast of maximum security, unlike Internet Explorer, which is the technology demands of today totally inadequate especially in terms of safety, speed and technology supported, and thus faces a stumbling block that - each browser displays the Web page after and its only quality web design appears absolutely anywhere in the hair as well! And it's not just about their appearance, but also the functioning of certain elements. If you already own a website and is not going to make a brand new, do not despair - we can optimize the tune of at least partially and subsequently, while maintaining the original design of your website and improving its function and appearance in all browsers. More about the technology.


By creating websites clearly fall production of e-shops on a professional level as appearance - web design and operation, and extensive administration. Our framework allows you to manage any content without the intervention of a programmer! It is in the business world and creating web pages so far unprecedented. Framework continues to develop and provide updates. The operation is quick and interactive controls, it can be used equally well for car sales as an offer for real estate. Even a layman with us can easily create your own profitable e-shop!

Training in IT

To know what we do and we are practicing? Then, just for you to organize courses in programming, database design and coding of HTML pages (or creating web pages). We currently offer the programming language PHP, Javascript (including jQuery), and Java. The databases offer basically the only option, and MySQL or PostgreSQL in PHP language teaching. Courses include advanced HTML course CSS and the basics of SEO and Javascript. It is also possible to book a personal consultation with a more individual approach to the issue. Work with programming languages ​​and databases are now essential, even if you do not pay them primarily - that knowledge is amply applied in administration, science or business. To find the current prices go to price list.

Other services

We also offer many other services in the field of web sites - the implementation of ideas for specific applications, configuring servers, advice on site, easy to use and reliable content management systems (CMS). If you are interested or just a query about any particular service do not hesitate to contact us or use non-binding request form!

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