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AjaxAsynchronous JavaScript and XMLAjax on Wikipedia.org
Ajax is the name of a summary of web technologies that allow you to read the content website in the background, without having to download entire websites.

ApacheApache HTTP ServerApache on Wikipedia.org
Apache is an open-source software, web-server for all platforms. This is the most widely used web server in the world and Xerno.cz uses it.

CMSContent management systemCMS on Wikipedia.org
CMS is sometimes referred to as a CMS and is used for administration and maintenance of web content such as texts, images and other media.

CSSCascading Style SheetsCSS on Wikipedia.org
CSS is a language for describing how the graphics of web pages.

DHTMLDynamic HTMLDHTML on Wikipedia.org
DHTML is a combination of technologies (HTML, JavaScript (jQuery), CSS) used to create interactive Web pages (different animations, moves, tricks).

DebianDebianDebian on Wikipedia.org
Debian is one of the oldest Linux distributions developed. It develops a large number of volunteers from around the world and is the most widespread distribution in the world.

FlashAdobe FlashFlash on Wikipedia.org
Flash is a vector graphics program used primarily for interactive web animation, advertising and games. The advantage of the small size of the resulting files. For operation in an Internet browser requires the freely available Adobe Flash Player.

FrameworkFrameworkFramework on Wikipedia.org
Framework is a software structure that is based applications built on that framework, helping accelerate its development.

HTMLHyperText Markup LanguageHTML on Wikipedia.org
HTML is one of the languages ​​for creating Web pages in the system, which allows the publication of documents on the Internet.

ITInformation technologyIT on Wikipedia.org
IT (or ICT) information and communication technologies, which in some way connected with computers. Also, it refers to the science of the functioning of computers.

JavaJavaJava on Wikipedia.org
Java is strongly object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems, now owned by Oracle Corp. It is one of the most common and popular programming languages ​​in the world. The website is used as an application running over the plug.

JavascriptCross-platform interpreted scripting and object-oriented languageJavascript on Wikipedia.org
Javascript is a programming language designed for creating dynamic web pages (animations, user interaction, etc ...)Javascript is a programming language designed for creating dynamic web pages (animations, user interaction, etc...)

LAMPLinux-Apache-MySQL-PHPLAMP on Wikipedia.org
LAMP is an acronym denoting a package of open-source software for servers used as a platform for hosting Web pages. L = Linux (operating system), A = Apache (Web server), M = MySQL (database system), PHP / Perl / Python (programming language).

LinuxLinuxLinux on Wikipedia.org
Linux is open-source operating system that is distributed through distribution. Stands out for its safety and performance, it is deployed on large servers, smart phones and tablets. In recent years, is beginning to deploy on a home computer.

MSSQLMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL on Wikipedia.org
Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database and analysis system for online shops developed by Microsoft.

MySQLThe database system communicating dialect of SQLMySQL on Wikipedia.org
MySQL is most commonly used database management system (engine) for creating Web pages, or d satisfies its simplicity and powerful capabilities packed into open-source package.

OSOperating systemOS on Wikipedia.org
Operating system is the basic equipment sotwarové each computer whose job is to enable the user to control the computer. It consists of a kernel and system utilities, whose main purpose is to create an interface for application processes.

Open-sourceOpen source softwareOpen-source on Wikipedia.org
Openness means the source code, source code availability of technical software and its documentation, and free availability for use in compliance with license terms.

PHPHypertext PreprocessorPHP on Wikipedia.org
PHP is a scripting programming language designed for creating dynamic websites and web applications for example in the form of HTML, XHTML or WML.

PostgreSQLThe database system communicating language PL/pgSQLPostgreSQL on Wikipedia.org
PostgreSQL or Postgres or pgSQL also is cross-platform object-relational database management system (ORDBMS).

SEMSearch Engine MarketingSEM on Wikipedia.org
SEM is search engine marketing you and that means online advertising, promotion and publicity. Overall, the SEM aimed at increasing traffic to the website.

SEOSearch Engine OptimizationSEO on Wikipedia.org
SEO is způbos creating and editing web pages so that their content was suitable for automated web bots and search engines that facilitate zažazení pages into the index search.

ServerServerServer on Wikipedia.org
Server is the name for a powerful computer that provides services over a network. It will also indicate the programs on those computers zproztředkovávájí such services (the web server is typically the Apache Web server).

UbuntuUbuntuUbuntu on Wikipedia.org
Ubuntu is a Linux-distribute for many devices, netbooks from the servers. It is sponsored by and to some extent developed by Canonical. This is the second most widely used Linux distribution in the world and the first most widely used on home computers.

WWWWorld Wide WebWWW on Wikipedia.org
WWW stands for Internet protocol applications over HTTP. Is this meant a system of interconnected hypertext documents.

XHTMLExtensible HyperText Markup LanguageXHTML on Wikipedia.org
XHTML is a markup language for creating hypertext documents on the Internet should be the successor to HTML, but has gained a second wind and Development XHTML longer continuing.

XMLExtensible Markup LanguageXML on Wikipedia.org
XML is a simplified form of a general markup language SGML. It is used to serialize the data and is primarily intended for publication of data devices / applications.

jQueryjQueryjQuery on Wikipedia.org
jQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library, working across browsers. It was developed to facilitate interaction between the HTML and JavaScript. Its main advantage is the ease of creating animation effects.