Company Xerno.cz used for building Web sites and related services of the latest well-proven technology. We use a larger number of programming languages, especially Java and PHP. Our site is compatible with all popular browsers - Internet Explorer (although this now outdated browser makes creating web pages in a way more complicated and it limits), Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google chrome and Safari. So whether you and your clients are using any browser and operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X), pages from us you will always be displayed correctly.

Security websites

Certainly each of us had ever met with annoying spam or viruses and other malware on your computer. We can assure you that the sites and applications from us through a complex security testing, also use antivirus program, and the wall (ie firewall). All forms on the site are protected against spam robots techniques and purchase updates to ensure maximum protection from any Internet danger. All our customers are absolutely satisfied, because no site is created by us through these technologies, never to become a successful hacker attack or spamerského. We pride ourselves on satisfied customers and knowledgeable approach to contemporary technologies.