Price Alternative for the nonprofit sector

Undoubtedly find many companies and organizations which receive funding from donations and grants, have a very tight financial budget, but also need a quality website. It is for them the price for non-profit organization that provides a much lower cost of services provided, for example, in exchange for advertising space on the site.

  • a banner for 1 year and a short text about Xerno.cz with a link to our site leads to a reduction in prices already 15%
  • for placement of two banners on your site for one year, we offer a price lower by as much as 25%
  • if you allow the location of the three banners for one year, the price will be reduced even by 35%

You move in the nonprofit sector and are interested in this offer? To negotiate a discount orders us to contact.

Special offer for-profit firms in social services

Company Xerno.cz supports social services, and therefore it was decided that the creation of web pages for these companies will be completely free! Web pages are transmitted as a gift, other services provided by Xerno.cz are charged with discounts above.