Registration in catalogs

It is placed high in search engines, using PPC campaigns, but still no site visits sufficient? registration in catalogs of web pages, you can significantly increase! If your site will be in the hundreds or thousands of catalogs, hundreds of thousands will be added as well as visitors.

Xerno.cz you quickly and easily register the number of catalogs what you want, and certainly increase attendance!

Registration in one catalog comes out on 20 cents EUR. In the case of bulk orders 500 and more catalogs with price decreases significantly, if interested, please contact us.

How many catalogs, which catalogs

Registration is performed in Czech, Slovak and English (or other, but English language) catalogs:

Catalogs summary
Language CatalogNumber of catalogsNumber of catalogs with PageRank ≥ 3
Czech catalogs 900 (50 only for e-shops) 110
Slovak catalogs 130 30
English-language catalogs 500 190