Without Borders website

Xerno.cz company provides all services related to web pages, and focuses primarily on creating them. Therefore, also in this field provide the greatest amount of service, just find the option that best fits just you. Suffice it to us, enter your requirements and we will create custom pages! We provide such design and content to have the highest number of site visitors and is still luring new ones. Web sites that are good and successful, is our primary goal. Whether you need a whole page or a specific service to improve them, you're in the right place.

Do you already have a web site and want to highlight on the internet? More about the success of web pages under the heading SEO.

Web presentation

Presentation site serves information purposes only. This is the cheapest and simplest form of web pages. They have to present your personal opinions or corporate portfolio. They can also serve the teaching, writing articles and easy to communicate with readers, the publication of images and many other purposes.

Personal website

To present an interesting world? Without a website it is not now. Do you have business or want to publish their ideas, opinions, photos, stories, and recipes for cooking to be? Then the website suitable for you. Make yourself known and still earn on advertising! Xerno.cz company will create a site that will fit to your personality and your needs. More on personal pages.

Company website

Do you have a business that does not yet have a web site, or need to improve existing ones? To present its product range and portfolio and inform the entire web of their existence, but you do not need a complex site structure with many sub sites? Then there are those sites for you to tailor fit. Company website from us you are guaranteed to bring more customers and business partners! More on corporate websites.

Challenging web projects

Do you have a large company, and therefore need extensive e-shop, or an application for internal needs of the company or to sell your product range? In that case, you come to the right. We can provide the best e-shop, to which we have reliable and easily manageable framework, or injection for programming your application, just to tell exactly how your image looks, and we will convert it into reality! Nothing is too complex to make it impracticable for us.


Do you have real estate and need a simple e-shop with the first sight tempting offer of real estate, or if you have a large electronics store and therefore need extensive online e-shop with many categories? Whether you sell cars, real estate, clothing and jewelry, furniture and electronics, all service and website and we'll do exactly as you like! Then the contents of your e-shop you can, if necessary, easily, clearly and reliably manage from home or office. More online stores.

Web Application

Web applications enable the realization of unique ideas for every conceivable purpose - whether research, communication, gaming or otherwise, are the boundaries of imagination in any way like. Need a quality accounting program, an application that will check the research data and generate graphs or entertaining online game for the visitors to your site? All this is possible with us! more about Web applications.

Partial Web Site Services

Do you already have a web site, or you want to order from us, but you need a special graphic design or a person who would fill your page text? In these fields, we have our specialists who will help with any task - whether it is an attractive and interactive web design, original text or pages (ie copywriting).


Do you want more, look to your site? It would take more than just a static graphic, it must move, it must be live and interactive - Hardly any visitor today deliver a static page. Proper design is essential, few people will return to the site where the elements displayed incorrectly, beat the colors or fonts are unsuitable. Looking for excellent, interesting and high quality web design for your website that you and visitors to the site just sits? Then you are right, we have the best web designers! more about web design.


Do you know what pages you want, but do not know how to formulate it? Or rather the content you write on paper and text directly on the site prefer to leave for the experts? In that case, you come to the right place! Assign you to an appropriate copywriter, who, after discussion with you will ensure an original and interesting content and transform your ideas into gold text. more about copywriting.