Company web site

For the firm is now a necessity to own a website to your potential customers and partners can easily find info, contacts and references. No less important than the existence of sites is their appearance - serious but not boring design, clarity, and interactivity. It is essential to their view when searching - as high as possible, depending on the keywords. All we are able to provide. We will produce pages specifically for the needs of your company.

See the examples below, so you can best think about what is best for your website - or contact us directly contact us and together we agree on the best strategy.

Examples of solutions for corporate websites

  • Advertising Agency: Modern efficient design, but not austere; already on the web advertising agency must be seen inventiveness and originality. Intuitive prompting a visitor to references and contacts. It does not require a lot of subpages.
  • Travel agency: Strong fresh design that at first glance attracts attention. Number of sub menu depends on destination. Certainly the great number of tempting photographs from different areas and specific sectors - even those we are able to provide.
  • Beauty Salon: A simple, friendly design, especially in one color (for this purpose are suitable mainly fresh green and pink), an elegant font in the headlines, the rest of the classical texts. A very clear focus through the menus on several sub-pages (about us, services, personnel, price list, contacts).
  • Seller handbags and fashion accessories: Original, colorful (but not fussy) and original design, which itself acts as a part of fashion. Easy navigation to information on designers and contacts. If a company wants to sell products directly to the Internet can be used to our e-shop.
  • Shop for organic foods: Natural design furnished mostly in green, with elements of brown (or the wood grain) and complementary pastel colors. On the main page of concise info and some photos or. straight and contacts (or may be on a separate subpage with the fact that the user will be guided them from the main page). On subpages offer products with the best information about their origin. For any sales on the Internet use the e-shop.