The first thing that interested visitor, their design - but it retains a major portion of attention just a few seconds. Then comes the contents, and that's the main thing that keeps the attention and gets the user back to the site.

You do not know how to text on your site properly formulate, how to write engaging and interesting? Leave it to our copywriterům! Just tell us what information you want on the site, and we already are working in gold text. Do not worry that the copywriter did not know what to write, although of course they do not know everything about everything, but everything you need to carefully seek out and learn a lot. This may be a general and professional texts, for both children and adults, information about the company and your resume, and the recipe text product offering - and even anything you can think of.

Below you can see some short examples of improving the content of Web pages.


Beauty Salon

Original text: Welcome to Anna studies. We do manicures, hair styling and makeup. We are open every day from ten o'clock until six o'clock in the evening, but rather the order.

Improved text: Welcome to cosmetic studios Anna! Pamper and beautify all sorts of ways - you can find in our manicure, hairdresser and a professional make-up.

Veterinary Clinic

Original text: We offer vaccinations, preventive examinations and treatment of diseases and injuries of all domestic animals. Visit us at our office. In case of emergencies we we set out for you.

Improved text: Your pet needs treatment? Our veterinary clinic offers preventive examinations, vaccinations and treatment of diseases and injuries of pets - from dogs, cats and rodents, parrots over to the turtles, snakes and many others.

Car dealer

Original text: We sell new and used cars of different brands. Come take a look to our shops in Prague, wagon street 22b. Open weekdays from eight to six. Test drive for free maybe.

Improved text: Are you planning to buy a car? We sell new and used cars of many brands and categories, with us everyone.

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