Web Applications

In addition to our CMS and creating a common websites and e-commerce we can also create custom applications. After a personal meeting is enough to agree on the price of programmers and the approximate hours of time by which such applications should be done. That's it! In the programming industry there are limits! Web applications are not necessarily located on the Internet, often form so-called intranet applications or programs that are accessible only to computers within a network. The diversity of individual applications is really huge, from a database of people or objects for collecting drugs and counting graphs accident. Or do you use primarily for smartphones? And this is possible! But there are pitfalls in extending finance - before starting work is necessary to properly recognize the true significance of such an application that was not a wasted investment. For our clients we also provide promotion of such applications - more on cooperation with us.

Web applications in any case, you will realize all your unique ideas, whether business or private, to science or entertainment. Boundaries of the imagination like. For a better idea of the extent of use of Web applications to see some examples below - and this is only a fraction of the possibilities.

  • accounting program
  • application for evaluation of data from surveys and questionnaires
  • program to generate graphs based on the quantity of data entered
  • online game
  • applications to generate music by the visitor
  • program for testing clothing, hairstyles and makeup on the photograph given by
  • control data from the research

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