Website Design is absolutely the first thing a visitor sees and what decides whether you will view the contents and go to the next sub. Proper web design is a science - must be a dozen or fussy, people must take, to correspond with the topic pages and look different from other sites. They must also have clear content and navigation, if the visitor to the website of ignorant and can not find what you looking at them was not returned.

What is important for graphical web pages?

  • uniqueness and interest
  • interactivity and ease of use
  • korespondování with Web content - objectives and activities of the company, individual personality, the theme promoted the film, the target group of visitors, etc.
  • quality design evokes a feeling of confidence and demonstrates that it is a serious site and not one act amateurish
  • intiutivní orientation on the site
  • updates not only content but also graphics keep constant attendance

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